We’re happy to share that customers can now purchase single quantities of our Evogen Professional General Purpose Sanitiser via Amazon.

The newly available sizes include both the 500ml concentrate & the 750ml ready-to-use-spray.

While our Evogen Professional range caters to facilities management and business customers needing larger quantities, we’re committed to bringing our products and technologies into the home with more affordable prices.

Since March 2020, General Purpose Sanitiser has been utilised throughout Europe – and its latest customers include GP surgeries and schools across the UK.

But with its antiviral properties making it the perfect disinfectant product for homes and smaller spaces, we’re proud to be able to sell it directly via our Amazon shop.

General Purpose Sanitiser Ready-to-use Spray – 750ml

Ready-to-use ‘sanitiser in a bottle’ for sanitising & protecting homes, offices, shops & commercial venues against COVID-19.

Great for smaller spaces, this single bottle protects you, your family or your customers from viruses. Ready-to-use with no dilution required – simply spray and clean!

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General Purpose Sanitiser Concentrate Refill – 500ml

Our refill bottle contains General Purpose Sanitiser Concentrate and is designed to refill or top up your existing General Purpose Sanitiser bottles.

Diluted using water, it can be used in any empty spray bottles (after thorough rinsing) to provide protection in your cleaning. As a bonus, it’s long-lasting and makes 10 x 500ml spray bottles – so you save money and reduce plastic.

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Further information

All our Amazon products are Fulfilled by Amazon, with free delivery for Prime members.

Please note: Due to Amazon’s guidelines on selling disinfectant products, you may notice a variation in descriptions between our website(s) and Amazon product listing.

For accurate descriptions, please refer to our website.

Looking for wholesale enquiries or larger quantities?

Buy our 5L concentrate online, or get in touch to ask about our 20 – 1,000kg pack sizes. 

Tel: +44 (0)29 2079 1185
Email: info@genesisbiosciences.com

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Our other sanitiser ranges

Explore our various disinfectant & sanitiser products, designed for all uses from domestic through to large-scale commercial requirements.

Evogen Professional commercial sanitisers

Our flagship sanitiser range for shops, businesses & commercial spaces is available exclusively in our online Evogen Professional shop.

Choose between ready-to-use sprays or dilutable concentrates.

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Biosan Total-Release Sanitiser Aerosol

A new addition to our ranges, the Biosan Total-Release Sanitiser is a ‘fogging’ aerosol designed to combat COVID-19 in just 15 minutes. 

Available in multipacks of 6 or 12, the product uses a total release mechanism to disinfect a room in one application.

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Evogen – bulk / wholesale sanitisers

Surface sanitiser & probiotic hand sanitiser for onward packing & manufacture.

Choose from 20kg / 200kg / 1000kg quantities (surface sanitiser) or 20L / 200L / 1000L quantities (probiotic hand sanitiser).

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Biosan-19 sheets & cards

A new addition to our ranges, the Biosan-19 sheets or cards are designed for use within PPE, clinical waste, and hygiene waste bins. 

The product is placed inside the liner of the bin, where it effectively combats pathogens (including the COVID-19 virus) for up to 4 weeks.

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