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"I continue to be impressed by & proud of our skilled, hard-working team. From the R&D scientists in the lab, to the managers in the boardroom, our team & their values is what drives this company every day – I look forward to reaching even greater heights with them in the years to come.”

Conrad Mielcuszny, CEO

Work with the best in the industry

We believe that people are our most important investment and asset.

In Europe and the US, our laboratories and research and development facilities are staffed with the most highly qualified chemists, microbiologists, fermentation specialists and engineers, including several PhD scientists.

Across our global offices, our sales teams, administration staff and quality assurance experts work diligently to meet our customers' high expectations and ensure our products are making a positive impact on industry.

Our team

Sophie Price, Commercial Support Assistant at Genesis Biosciences

"The whole team is extremely supportive and I feel very lucky to work with such a knowledgeable team. I love the ethos of the business and take pride in the work we do."

Sophie Price, Global Marketing Executive

Peter Wallbank Genesis Biosciences

"I’ve worked at Genesis Biosciences for over 6 years and enjoyed every minute. Being part of a team tackling global challenges across a wide range of industries is incredibly fulfilling."

Peter Wallbank, Regional Business Development Manager

"I love working in an environment where every day is different and I’m always learning something new. It’s great to work alongside experienced scientists within such an innovative company." 

Lucy Rowley, QC Laboratory Technician

"I am fortunate to work within such a talented and dedicated team both sides of the Atlantic. Everyone is driven by the same company goals and it is motivating to see the company achieve these goals."

Debbie Williams, Group Compliance Officer

Company values

We uphold stringent values across our global teams, which have been in place since our founding in 1998.

People are our most important asset

Honesty and authenticity

Being market driven and customer focused

Being highly scientific

High quality in all that we do

Taking initiative and exhibiting leadership

Creativity and innovation

Team work and working together

Thinking big and acting bold

"Saying what you mean and meaning what you say"

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Genesis Biosciences wins Green Business of the Year 2019 at the Cardiff Business Awards

Award-winning team

See the awards and accolades our fantastic team have earned with ground-breaking research and products.

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Staff awards & recognition

Every quarter and every year, our teams nominate their most inspiring colleagues to receive company awards.

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Our history

Genesis Biosciences started in 1998 with Conrad Mielcuszny’s dream to make a positive impact on industry and on our environment.

Our history

Our values

Driven by our ethos and values, find out what makes Genesis Biosciences the company it is today.

Our values

Our global facilities

From the US to Europe, we work across the world to deliver innovative products that improve our lives and the society we live in.

Our facilities


"I love working at Genesis Biosciences because I'm passionate about the contribution Science can make to a better society and world, addressing major challenges like diagnosing and curing diseases, reducing hunger and poverty, and protecting the environment. It was Genesis Biosciences’ closely aligned company values and vision that first made me interested in working for them.”

Dr. Emma Saunders, General Manager - Europe

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