Our microbial cleaning products are safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly solutions to keep your customers' homes fresh and clean.

Our microbial home cleaning products

Genesis Biosciences recognises that their customers need to meet the demands of their clients in different ways and that a "one fits all" home cleaning product is not the solution.

That's why our range consists of 15 separate and highly-effective home cleaning products, across 5 categories, that provide environmentally-friendly and effective solutions to your customers'  home cleaning needs.

Home and garden products for home cleaning

Home & Garden

Our Evogen range of products works to rapidly degrade and, over time, inhibit organic matter commonly found in areas around the home such as bathrooms, hard floor surfaces and carpets.

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Carpet and fabric care home cleaning category

Carpet and Fabric Care

Need to remove carpet odour? We offer an effective, natural and gentle way to clean carpets and fabrics using application-specific bacteria and eco-benign® chemistry.

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Floor cleaning home cleaning product category

Floor Cleaning

Floor surfaces can be challenging to clean and maintain. Our microbial products penetrate the surface of floors, effectively colonising the area with ‘good’ bacteria.

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Hard surfaces home cleaning products

Hard Surface Cleaning

Our Evogen microbial products can degrade a wide range of organic matter commonly found on floors, countertops, toilets, urinals and other hard surfaces within your home.

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Pond and water management products for home cleaning

Pond & Water Management

Our Evogen products ensure water quality in ponds and shrimp and fin-fish farm environments, which means reduced mortality, increased yield and less dependence on antibiotics.

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Evogen Microbial Products

Our Evogen Microbial Products are performance-driven and environmentally-responsible cleaning tools.

The application-specific bacteria in Evogen products tackle compounds individually, breaking them down through the secretion of enzymes and continuing to digest the source until it is gone.

Why offer the best possible products for home cleaning?

Homes can often be a high source of toxic chemicals and stubborn bacteria. 

The traditional anti-microbial cleaners used by other suppliers can be both harsh and corrosive to floors, fixtures and fittings, and many do not offer any ongoing control of scale and organic matter build-up.

The proprietary eco-benign® chemistry present in our Evogen range of home cleaning products ensures immediate, safe and effective cleaning that lasts over time, in a range your customers can trust.

Our range of home cleaning products is designed to provide intelligent, environmentally-responsible cleaning solutions for problems within a residential setting, from carpet care to pond management.

How we can help you

Looking to develop your own product or have queries about our range and services? Find out how you and your business can benefit from Genesis Biosciences' eco-benign® experience, please contact us.