Product at a glance

  • Liquid additive designed to prevent biofilm formation through disruption of quorum sensing and by providing a direct biocidal challenge.
  • Easy to dose and suitable for use in a wide range of systems.
  • More environmentally responsible and safer approach to the use of traditional biocides.
  • Long standing demonstrated success in demanding industrial conditions against multispecies biofilms.
  • Economic product engineered using sound knowledge of microbiology and chemistry.
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Liquid recirculation systems

Cooling towers


Biofouling control

Legionella control

Air conditioning systems

The technology

Biosan BSF is a new addition to our antimicrobial Biosan technology offering. It is a concentrated liquid product developed for dosing into systems to suppress biofilm formation and provide operators and plant managers an effective means of controlling biofouling, Legionella and bioclogging issues.

Utilising plant based and naturally occurring compounds, the product impacts microbial biofilm formation by providing a direct biocidal challenge and via disruption of quorum sensing mechanisms.


How it works

The actives within Biosan BSF act via two different mechanisms to bring about the suppression of biofilm formation.

First: the product provides a direct and broad-spectrum biocidal challenge to bacteria, where the non-specific mechanisms of membrane disruption and arrest of protein metabolism make the development of resistance unlikely.

Second: the disruption of quorum sensing prevents bacteria from “talking” to each other via chemical messengers. In many instances, this prevents biofilm formation as the need to undertake quorum sensing is a pivotal initiator of biofilm formation.


BSF is a liquid designed to be dosed at low levels into a liquid water-based system. As it is organic, it contributes to the chemical oxygen demand of a system and this should be taken into consideration where discharge consents are in place.

Due to the nature of the actives, not all materials are compatible with Biosan BSF in its concentrated form. Materials such as stainless steel, HDPE and PTFE are all unaffected and are recommended as pump and piping materials for neat BSF. Materials such as PMMA and LDPE are not compatible with neat BSF. Diluted BSF is tolerated well by many materials but should be evaluated before implementation.

We recommend dosing Biosan BSF at between 400ppm and 600ppm to deliver full biocidal and biofilm suppression. Please note that Biosan BSF will prevent the formation of new biofilm as well as suppressing the expansion of existing biofilm. Gross biofilm structures already present within the system may need to be manually removed depending upon their nature.

For highly alkaline, acidic waters or specialist re-circulants, contact our technical department for suitability of use.


Neat Biosan BSF is classed as sensitising and should be handled with appropriate PPE, however, upon dilution it poses no known environmental or user safety risks.

Product specification

Orange to yellow liquid


Semi-viscous liquid

Between 400ppm and 600ppm depending upon severity of problem

Neat BSF should not be used with LDPE or PMMA plastics

Shelf life
24 months unopened. If opened use within 6 months

Stability in water
Stable in standing 20 ̊C water for >8 weeks. Expect ~5% per week in standing water at 37 ̊C. Stability will decline as temperatures increase, for high or low temperature stability concerns contact our Technical Department.

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