Product at a glance

  • A powder product designed to stimulate, bolster and improve the efficiency of the anaerobic digestion process, therefore increasing biogas production and reducing final sludge volume.
  • Delivers a synergistic mode of action by combining:
    • A novel mineral carrier which provides a colonisation site for methanogens and acts as an ion exchanger to boost interspecies electron transfer, greatly facilitating anaerobic respiration.
    • Specific Bacillus strains selected for their ability to boost the hydrolysis and fermentation phases through the secretion of anaerobic active hydrolytic enzymes.
  • The diverse metabolic capability of the Bacillus allow use in a wide range of reactor configurations and organic substrates.
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Sludge fed systems

Agricultural waste fed systems

Slurry fed systems

Food and municipal fed systems

Landfill leachate systems

One phase configurations

Two phase configurations

Other complex configurations

The technology

Evogen Biogas Additive is granulated powder that is dosed directly into the system.

It combines a novel mineral carrier with Bacillus bioaugmentation to provide a dual physiochemical and biological response.

The carrier acts to bolster the most sensitive microbial components of the anaerobic digestion process; the methanogens and acetogens. Whereas the Bacillus acts to provide a hydrolytic boost to assist in the greater degradation and turnover of polymeric compounds such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Through this synergy, Evogen Biogas Additive can increase the amount of methane produced, decrease the final sludge volume and help to bolster the system it is dosed into enhancing stability and overall productivity.

Evogen Biogas Additive contains Bacillus microbes that operate over a wide range of pH values and temperatures, to degrade of a range of polymeric compounds found in sludge such as protein, polysaccharides and fats. This helps to liquefy sludge making substrates bioavailable for further degradation and subsequent methane generation providing the operator with a versatile tool for the diverse range of reactor configurations and feed types present across different industries.

The Bacillus strains in the product are also known for their plant growth promoting properties and have the potential to improve the value of digestate and sludges destined for agricultural uses.

Directions for use

Evogen Biogas Additive is supplied in a 20kg pack size as standard.

The dosage point is flexible but must be as close to the start of the system as possible. For example, with the feed substrate or injected into the line feeding the main digester.

Success has been reported by forming a slurry with the influent in a separate tank and using this to dose the system.

We recommend at a minimum to dose at 0.1% the volume of dry weight entering the system. A loading dose of 0.1% of the estimate total dry weight present within the digester should be delivered initially before regular dosing proceeds.

For optimal results dose on a regular or continual basis at the recommended dosage of 0.1% dry matter.


Via a combination of cell cytotoxicity assays and genomic screens for toxin production, we can confirm that all Bacillus species and strains within the product are safe to use, should harbour no toxicity towards humans or animals and do not have a negative impact upon the environment.

From analysing the DNA of our Bacillus strains we can confirm a lack of mobile genetic elements, which strongly indicates a low potential for transmission of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes.

Product specification

1E+9 CFU/g

Free flowing granular powder



Shelf life
24 months

Environmental conditions

Freshwater to seawater and above (no impact upon performance between 0 - 50 g/L)

pH 5 – to pH 9

Mesophilic up to 45˚C

Substrate type
WWT sludges, agricultural wastes, animal slurries, municipal waste and other organic based wastes

Case study

Plant overview

A single stage WWT sludge fed system was dosed with Evogen Biogas Additive over a 3 month period. The plant received 240m3 of WWT sludge per day with 10% of that volume coming from the chemical-physical of landfill leachate.

It operated at pH 7 and 35°C with a residence time of 10.4 days. A boiler was used to heat the sludge which was powered by both diesel and biogas. The sludge was disposed of via landfill after thickening using a flocculent and belt press.


Evogen Biogas Additive was dosed at 0.15% of the dry matter inlet concentration, with an initial slug dose of 50kg followed by a daily dosage of 10kg. Dosing was performed on site using a modified tank to create a slurry with influent and pump it into the system before the heat exchanger.


Dosing of Evogen Biogas Additive was able to significantly reduce sludge volume by half and double biogas production consistently during the trial period.

This resulted in significant cost savings from less boiler diesel usage, lower flocculant use and lower sludge disposal costs. The overall cost saving over the trial period totalled just over €215,000.

Overall, Evogen Biogas Additive was used as a cost effective tool to not only improve plant efficiency but positively impact the plants environmental parameters by reducing sludge production and diesel consumption.

The performance of Evogen Biogas Additive will vary from plant to plant due to configuration, operational and substrate differences and you should contact your local Genesis representative for advice before dosing to achieve best results.

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