Product at a glance

  • Powder designed to tackle septic and anaerobic conditions through use of an inorganic carrier that delivers oxygen to the local area when hydrated.
  • Uses a specially selected blend of Bacillus to out-compete sulphate reducing bacteria and devour sludge and organic matter.
  • Bacillus possess anti-algae properties and can tackle harmful algal bloom species through the production of algicidal compounds such as Bacilysin.
  • Can be used in a wide range of water types including fresh, saline and brackish.
  • Can be applied in ponds, lakes and lagoons or directly into problem areas such as septic tanks or lift stations.
  • Robust heterotrophic growth parameters allow for growth across a range of conditions from pond water to industrial wastewater systems.
  • Stable spore formulation offers long term product stability.
  • Manufactured in accordance with recognised international standard ISO 9001 to guarantee quality, integrity and reproducibility.
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Municipal and industrial wastewater plants

Lagoons and ponds

Cess and slurry pits

Septic tanks

Areas with organic rich effluents

Areas suffering with anaerobic issues

The technology

Evogen Clarity is a powder product specially formulated to help reduce odours, tackle sludge build-up and combat algal growth. It is ideal for use within both wastewater systems and large bodies of water such as lagoons and ponds.

The product utilises a specially selected inorganic carrier and a unique application specific consortium of Bacillus, designed to combat excess sludge and algae issues for a range of water types (fresh, brackish and saline).

The inorganic carrier within Evogen Clarity contains a slow release oxygen source that when fully hydrated, is converted to molecular oxygen and sodium carbonate. This helps to oxygenate anaerobic zones and balance the pH to favour the growth of the Bacillus component within the product.

The oxygenation of anaerobic zones combats odours generated from septic conditions by raising the local redox potential of the area and by providing a higher energy electron acceptor in the form of oxygen. This in turn switches off processes such as sulphate reduction which results in a lower sulphide production potential.

The use of Bacillus which possess a broad extracellular enzyme capability combined with an ability to grow in both aerobic and low oxygen environments, enables the product to effectively tackle sludge from a wide range of sources. From plant matter and fish wastes of ponds to septic sludge at the bottom of lagoons, the diverse extracellular enzyme capability of the Bacillus within Evogen Clarity ensures a good proportion shall be broken down and metabolised.

The use of several Bacillus species which grow synergistically, provide a consortium that are not only metabolically diverse but capable of performing over a range of temperature and pH ranges.

With good growth rates under both high strength industrial type effluents and lower strength municipal wastewaters, Evogen Clarity provides the operator with a versatile technology to tackle a multitude of scenarios. From treating stagnant water bodies to industrial wastewater systems, the heterotrophic growth parameters of the Bacillus consortium are well suited for wastewater treatment across a range of effluent types.

Through genomic profiling Genesis Biosciences has identified strains of Bacillus that produce algacidal compounds such as bacilysin, that are capable of impacting the growth of harmful algal bloom species.

A cocktail of enzymes combined with diverse secondary metabolite profiles ensure the Bacillus provide a sustained capacity to breakdown polymeric materials such as cellulose, FOG, proteins and DNA. Thus, keeping effluent cleaner and clearer.

Directions for use

Evogen Clarity is supplied in a 20kg pack size. Dosing of 160g into 1000L of water shall raise the molecular oxygen concentration by 1ppm.

For ponds
Dose product into the center of the pond and around the perimeter. We recommend a maximum dose of 160g per 1000L, where the volume of the pond is calculated beforehand to ensure optimal dosage.

Please note there may be an immediate impact from dosing the product upon a variety of algal species, whose loss may cause disruption to the local zooplankton. This effect should be transitory and should resolve as the system reaches a balance with the continued dosing of Evogen Clarity.

Trials have shown that with correct dosing there is no negative impact from the product upon the health and wellbeing of fish.

For wastewater system
Dose before or directly into the affected area, ensuring enough liquid retention time for Bacillus spore germination (contact technical support for more information). We would recommend 160g per m3, however, some applications may require a higher dose rate.

Note: Sinking Clarity deep into the sludge bed gives best results for sludge reduction. Try combing the product inside a perforated object that can sink and be retrieved for reloading.


Evogen Clarity should be used in systems dealing with organic rich wastewaters that contain proteins, carbohydrates and Fats, Oils and Grease such as municipal plants, paper and pulp, bakeries, breweries, dairies and slaughterhouses.


The product will perform poorly in highly alkaline (>pH 9) and highly acidic (<pH 4) effluents and will also lose activity at low (<15 ̊C) and high (>40 ̊C) temperatures. Effluent types rich in phenolic and hydrocarbon species such as those from wineries, olive mills or heavy industry may not be suitable for this product.

For specialised effluent types contact our technical department for alternative solutions and more information.

Product specification

5E+9 CFU/g

Off white powder


Free flowing powder

Shelf life
12 months in unopened package

Environmental conditions

Freshwater to seawater and above (no impact upon performance between 0 - 50 g/L)

pH 5 – pH 8.5

10 ̊C – 40 ̊C

Effluent type
Organic rich (Protein, FOG, carbohydrates containing effluents)


Via both cell cytotoxicity assays and genomic screens for toxin production, we can confirm that all Bacillus species and strains within the product are safe to use, should harbour no toxicity towards humans or animals and do not have a negative impact upon the environment.

From analysing the DNA of our strains we can confirm a lack of mobile genetic elements, which strongly indicates a low potential for transmission of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes.

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