Product at a glance

  • Liquid product designed to tackle odours via a multi-pronged approach, using a combination of eco-benign® chemistry and microbiology.
  • A chemical counteractant binds malodours and prevents the nose from detecting them, providing immediate odour control.
  • Next, the broad metabolic capabilities of the novel Bacillus consortia are able to degrade a wide range of odour causing compounds such as amines, volatile fatty acids and sulphur containing organics.
  • A wide range of extracellular enzymes help to degrade various organic solids helping combat the long term causes of odour generation at source.
  • Can be used to improve plant performance to meet emissions directives.
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Municipal and industrial wastewater plants


Slurry pits

Refuse management

Piggeries and poultry farming

The technology

A range of chemical odour counteractant technologies have been developed and are now used in major retail brands. Genesis Biosciences has taken the best of these technologies and combined it with bacteria, which gives a dual approach on odour problems:

- The eco-benign® chemical odour counteractant binds any existing odour molecules, preventing them from being detected by the nose
- The application-specific bacteria within the product possess a diverse metabolic capability to degrade a wide range of both odour compounds and nutrient sources that have the potential to generate odours.

For more information with regards to odour control in the wastewater sector please see our article in WWT Online.

How it works

The product works through a complementary relationship between the chemical and biological components. The chemical component acts to give an immediate to medium term reduction in odour whilst the biological component acts to tackle the root cause of odour delivering long-term control.

Both classical microbiological techniques and genomic methodologies have been used to select specific strains of Bacillus that are capable of degrading a wide range of polymeric materials and different volatile compounds which generate malodour.

The Bacillus consortium within Evogen General Odour Controller are not only metabolically diverse but are capable of performing over a range of temperature and pH ranges, offering the operator a versatile technology to tackle odour across a diverse range of settings from landfills and piggeries to industrial wastewater treatment works.

Directions for use

Evogen General Odour Controller is supplied in 20L, 200L and 1,000L containers and is provided ready to use (RTU) or in a 10X concentrate.

The product is available with or without fragrance.

The most common and effective way of dosing the product is via misting and nebulising systems around the area of concern or the site perimeter.

As the product finds use across a broad spectrum of industries, we recommend use of the 10X product either neat or diluted up to 1 in 25 depending upon the severity of the problem.


As the product is manufactured under our eco-benign® criteria it is safe to use in populated or built up areas as well as in applications that may have animals in close proximity.

The product shows excellent results in tackling odours in the following areas: landfill, wastewater, piggery and poultry farming and refuse management.

For tackling wastewater odour associated with septicity, see our Evogen Clarity or Evogen Sulphide Controller products.


The product will perform poorly in highly alkaline (>pH 9) and highly acidic (<pH 4) conditions and will also lose activity at low (<5 ̊C) and high (>40 ̊C) temperatures.

For more information please contact our technical support.

Product specification

RTU 6.73E+7 CFU/g
10x 6.73E+8 CFU/g

Straw coloured turbid liquid

Fragranced Fresh
Unfragranced Neutral

20L, 200L and 1,000L containers

Shelf life
12 months in unopened package. If opened store in a cool dry place to maintain product integrity

Environmental conditions

Can be used in a wide range of water types from freshwater to seawater (no impact upon performance between 0 - 50 g/L)

pH 5 – to pH 8.5 (Optimum between pH 6 and pH 7.5)

10 ˚C – 40 ˚C (Optimum between 20 ˚C and 35 ˚C)

Effluent type
Industrial (hydrocarbon, phenol, surfactant and FOG) and municipal

eco-benign by design®

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