Product at a glance

  • Liquid designed for improving the start-up of activated sludge systems through Bacillus bioaugmentation.
  • For use in organic rich effluents (protein, carbohydrates, fats oils and grease) such as municipal effluents or industrial effluents from bakery, dairy, slaughterhouse, paper and pulp mill activities etc.
  • Non-pathogenic, environmentally responsible and easy to use.
  • Robust heterotrophic growth parameters combined with diverse extracellular enzyme capabilities allow for growth across a range of effluent conditions and types.
  • Improved effluent quality through the better biodegradation of organic compounds including polysaccharides, proteins and fats oils and grease.
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Municipal wastewater

Industrial wastewater

Trade effluents

Organic rich effluents

General asset performance improvement

The technology

Evogen Multiuse Liquid has been specially formulated to deliver a high concentration of Bacillus species that are designed to improve a range of wastewater issues through the process of bioaugmentation.

How it works

Evogen Multiuse Liquid is a blend of synergistic Bacillus microorganism spores selected through laboratory and genomic methods and a small amount of non-ionic readily biodegradable surfactant.

With good growth rates under both high strength industrial type effluents and lower strength municipal wastewaters, Evogen Multiuse Liquid gives the operator a versatile technology to tackle a multitude of scenarios from improving the general quality of effluents to tackling issues associated with excess sludge and bulking.

Through enzyme profiling and genetic investigations, we have combined Bacillus strains capable of potent hydrolytic action.

Production of a diverse range of proteases, lipases, glycosidases and nucleases all combine to help manage sludge volume by breaking down some of its polymeric components.

This combination of enzymes along with the production of secondary metabolite compounds such as biosurfactants, further help to breakdown cellulose, fats, oils and grease, proteins and DNA. Thus, maintaining high effluent quality.

Directions for use

Evogen Multiuse Liquid is supplied in 20L, 200L and 1,000L containers.

The product should be dosed in the earliest phase of the WWT system as possible to give the spores within the product time to germinate and acclimate to the system. Wet wells and lift stations are an ideal point for this. It is recommended to achieve a minimum target cell count from dosing the product of 1E+5 CFU/mL, which equates to 100mL per 1m3.

Where this is uneconomical or impractical, please see our alternative products for larger plant sizes including: Evogen General Effluent Improver and Evogen Bioblocks.


Evogen Multiuse Liquid is recommended for use in systems dealing with organic rich wastewaters that contain materials such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats oils and grease such as municipal plants, bakeries, breweries, dairies and slaughterhouses.


The product will perform poorly in highly alkaline (>pH 9) and highly acidic (<pH 4) effluents and will also lose activity at low (<15 ̊C) and high (>40 ̊C) temperatures. Effluent types should have appropriate carbon and phosphorous content to support microbial growth. For specialised effluent types contact our technical department for more information.

Product specification

1.06E+9 CFU/g Bacillus

Straw coloured liquid


pH 7.5 – 8.5

Shelf life
24 months (unopened). If opened store in a cool dry place to maintain product integrity

Environmental conditions

Freshwater to seawater and above (no impact upon performance between 0 - 50 g/L)

pH 5 – to pH 8.5 (optimum between pH 6 and pH 7.5)

10 ̊C – 40 ̊C (optimum between 20 ̊C and 35 ̊C)

Effluent type
Organic rich effluents, (municipal, paper and pulp, dairy, bakery)


Via a combination of cell cytotoxicity assays and genomic screens for toxin production, we can confirm that all Bacillus species and strains within the product are safe to use, should harbour no toxicity towards humans or animals and do not have a negative impact upon the environment.

From analysing the DNA of our Bacillus strains we can confirm a lack of mobile genetic elements, which strongly indicates a low potential for transmission of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes.

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