In these unprecedented times, organisations like ourselves must work to adjust our resources to make a lasting, important impact where it’s needed.

Part of the Genesis Biosciences ethos has always been focused on being market-driven and customer-focused, using creativity, innovation and bold thinking to provide solutions to sometimes impossible-seeming tasks – and that extends to helping global industries affected by Covid-19.

Over the past few weeks, the world has experienced a seismic shift in how it operates and we are collectively learning how best to respond to such an event like this.

Our CEO, Conrad Mielcuszny, released our official statement on 18th March on our contingency planning and our organisation’s response to the pandemic.

But how can we push forward to help other industries – and the world at large – during this time of need? This is the question companies must ask themselves, and those with the ability to help, must do so.

Because of this very question, we have begun to adapt our product range offerings to provide essential sanitisation and quality control where it’s required most.

And rest assured, we’ve done so whilst adhering to the government guidelines, ensuring our staff and suppliers remain safe at work.

Our aim is to help global industries affected by Covid-19 however we can, and so far, 3 of our main product ranges have been requested and utilised to help contain and manage the crisis.


Wastewater treatment - global industries affected by coronavirus

Wastewater treatment facilities

Our Wastewater Treatment product range is designed to help maintain water quality, and keep treatment plants running smoothly.

In this current time, when members of the public find it all too easy to ‘reach for the bleach’, the products making their way into our communal water supply are not good for water quality.

The influx of harsh chemicals can cause significant costs to dispose of properly, and a ‘chemical upset’, leading to delays and production hold-up within waste water treatment plants.

Our 15 designated Wastewater Treatment products are designed to tackle issues like FOG, system shock, odour degradation, biofilm suppression and more.

They help to maintain the quality within plants by avoiding or solving costly, time-stealing issues.

We’re currently in the process of bringing our Wastewater Treatment range online, but in the meantime, you can view or download our brochure to see our full range of 15 products & get in touch.

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Sanitation - global industries affected by Covid-19

Cleaning companies and product formulators

During this past couple of weeks, we’ve had requests for over 50 tonnes of our sanitiser product, which we’ve shipped to various companies across the entirety of Europe.

These are companies either formulating their own sanitiser products, or cleaning companies taking on large-scale, industrial jobs, like cleaning public-use facilities such as trains and other modes of transport.

Our sanitiser product is available in 5L containers for public commercial use, all the way up to 1000 litre IBCs with a minimum of 110 gallons.

These IBCs are ideal for big cleaning jobs; in the wake of the current Coronavirus pandemic, when public concern about ‘germs’ and bacteria is at an all-time high, reassuring customers and the general public is crucial.

When you apply our anti-viral, anti-bacterial sanitiser to any hard surface, it immediately eliminates bad bacteria and enveloped viruses.

By ridding communal areas of viruses, we can collectively ease public concerns and begin to prepare our universally-used spaces for the end of global isolation.

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Biosan products for feminine hygiene waste treatment

Public & commercial washrooms

While the general public consciousness remains firmly fixed on Covid-19, we mustn’t forget or neglect our duty to eradicate other contactable diseases, found throughout our daily public spaces.

Our Biosan range is designed specifically for public washrooms, commercial bathrooms, and anywhere you’d find a feminine hygiene waste bin.

Biosan’s products for feminine hygiene waste treatment (P-max and e card) eliminate the risk of infections and protect users against harmful bacteria and viruses like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV.

During this current crisis, with most of the world on lockdown, public washrooms are still one area being used; by retail staff, key workers, hospital patients and those living with no fixed abode.

To ensure maximum health and safety across all communal areas, you can get in touch to order Biosan products or find out more about the range and its technology on our Biosan site.

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We will continue to help global industries affected by Covid-19 where we can

Our work won’t stop here; we continue to support our purchasers and industries who need our products and formulations.

Only by working together, and working safely, can we eradicate Covid-19 and help stabilise our communities and bring them back to full health.

If you have any queries at all about how we can help you or other industries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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