Doug Manning Award for Excellence winners 2019

Introducing our first ever winners of the ‘Doug Manning Award for Excellence’ – Debbie Williams and Dr. Chris Charles.

Doug-Manning OBE

In 2019, we lost a very special part of our team with the passing of Doug Manning OBE. His guidance, wit and wisdom are sorely missed within the company. He had a strong belief in the company and a desire for it to achieve its full potential. He believed in people, team work, and the ability to achieve more as a team than as an individual through excellence and to be that at all times.

It is very important to us that Doug remains a guiding light within our organisation and his immeasurable contribution is always remembered. To that end, we have created the Doug Manning Award for Excellence. This award will be presented on very special occasions when one or more team members have exceeded all expectations and sacrificed themselves for the betterment and evolution of our company.

The winners of the first inaugural Doug Manning Award for Excellence are Dr. Chris Charles (Research Scientist) and Debbie Williams (Group Compliance Officer) for their additional work and commitment to the compliance and fermentation committees throughout 2019, which have researched, developed and implemented new fermentation and validation processes, to significantly enhance our the microbial knowledge and the yield of our fermentation runs.

“I am extremely proud to have been given this award, it came as a complete surprise and was totally unexpected! It is bittersweet to receive however, as I had known Doug for many years and he has left a huge hole at Genesis. We miss his counsel greatly, but the award is a lovely legacy to his memory.” Debbie Williams

We’d like to say congratulations to Debbie and Dr. Chris for their continued hard work.

Meet DebbieMeet Chris

Debbie [right] receiving her award, pictured with Anne Manning, Conrad Mielcuszny and Casey Smallwood
Dr. Chris Charles, pictured at our UK facility with his award

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