We’re introducing Kate Ledwoch, who recently joined our UK laboratory as a Senior Scientist.

Despite only joining us at the end of July, Kate has been working tirelessly with a mixture of training and contributing to various projects, solving problems and developing new ideas. And not to mention that she also had an article recently published in the British Journal of Hospital Medicine on what you need to know about dry surface biofilms. Kate’s determination, ethos and natural curiosity make her the right fit as our most recent Senior Scientist.

We sat down with Kate to find out where her determination stems from, what a day-to-day life consists of for a Senior Scientist and what people might not know about her role – the stage is yours, Kate!

Staff profile: Kate Ledwoch, Senior ScientistSome people probably wouldn’t know what your role involves – how would you explain it?

As it’s still early days, my role as a Senior Scientist is still evolving, but in a nutshell, my position is varied with a heavy focus on research. I work closely with Dr. Chris Charles in Genesis’ research and development lab and support the implementation of cutting-edge technology into new and existing products – there is always room for improvement! I also often work on microbiology experiments in the lab, testing products and writing reports to ensure our research meets the highest standards.

What was it about Genesis Biosciences that made you want to work here?

Genesis’ evidence-driven philosophy truly resonated with me and aligned with my values, they don’t just produce products on a whim. All the products are scientifically verified and validated with purpose, extensive research, and constant improvements. During the trajectory of my career, I have come across many companies that did not value or prioritise scientific backing which is extremely important to me, so working for Genesis is refreshing. I was also impressed with the emphasis Genesis puts on sustainability and environmental consciousness, not just in their products and work but also in their day-to-day life, they are truly green. All in all, it felt like the right fit! 

Scientist working at Genesis Biosciences' lab in Cardiff

What’s one thing that drives you in your work?

What drives me is developing new ideas and overcoming problems with novel solutions. It’s especially gratifying to devise an innovative solution to a difficult problem.

What’s the best thing about working as a Senior Scientist at Genesis Biosciences?

The problem-solving, of course, but I also love that the research we do in the lab has real-life applications. It gives me great satisfaction to see how much of an impact my work can have, which makes a huge difference from when I was pursuing my PhD – blue-sky thinking is great but seeing it in action is even greater.

What does your typical day include in and out of work?

At work, every day is different, and every project requires a unique approach. From supporting the technical initiatives in the US industrial plant, to performing stability tests of existing products and developing new formulations. As I’m fairly new at Genesis, most days consist of training and learning new technical skills. Luckily, I get to apply my passion and excitement every day at work, so outside of work, I enjoy anything relaxing, from reading books to writing and a bit of gaming too!

Scientist experimenting at Genesis Biosciences' UK lab in Cardiff

What’s your personal philosophy, if you have one?

My philosophy is one I adopted from my mentor – there are no problems, only solutions. At an earlier stage, I did not get along with this saying but the more I grow in my profession and as a person, the more I identify with it. It’s become my driving force within my work.

What would you say is your greatest achievement at Genesis so far?

I joined Genesis at the end of July, so for now, it’s the small wins for me, like investigating alterations to one of our fermentation processes that were successfully implemented in the large-scale plant.

What’s next for you at Genesis?

There are a lot of exciting new projects coming in that I will be part of. I look forward to developing my skills and being more involved in implementing our research into manufacturing. More projects mean more problems to solve and experiments to design – the future is looking bright!

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