Biogas Additive

Applications Sludge fed systems Agricultural waste fed systems Slurry fed systems Food and municipal fed systems Landfill leachate systems One phase configurations Two phase configurations Other complex configurations The technology Evogen Biogas Additive is granulated powder that is dosed directly into the system. It combines a novel mineral carrier with Bacillus bioaugmentation to provide a … Read More

Multiuse Liquid

Applications Municipal wastewater Industrial wastewater Trade effluents Organic rich effluents General asset performance improvement The technology Evogen Multiuse Liquid has been specially formulated to deliver a high concentration of Bacillus species that are designed to improve a range of wastewater issues through the process of bioaugmentation. How it works Evogen Multiuse Liquid is a blend … Read More


Applications Municipal and industrial wastewater plants Lift stations and wet wells Ponds, lagoons and other large body systems Suited to effluents rich in organic materials Tackling FOG related filamentous issues such as Nocardia or Microthrix bulking and foaming The technology Evogen Bioblocks have been specially formulated to be used as controlled release technology in wastewater … Read More