Applications FOG deposit issues in grease traps, interceptors, wet wells and lift stations COD contributions from FOG in effluents Municipal and industrial wastewater plants In pipe dosing Suited to effluents rich in organic materials The technology Fats, oils and grease in wastewater systems cause a range of problems including: excess BOD/COD contributions, clogging and fouling, … Read More

Sulphide Controller

Applications Municipal and industrial wastewater plants Lagoons and ponds Cess and slurry pits Tackling sulphate reducing biofiling Areas suffering with anaerobic issues The technology Evogen Sulphide Controller has been specially formulated to tackle odours and issues associated with reduced sulphur compounds (rotten egg smell) within oxygen depleted zones. The product is a liquid that features … Read More

General Odour Controller

Applications Municipal and industrial wastewater plants Landfill Slurry pits Refuse management Piggeries and poultry farming The technology A range of chemical odour counteractant technologies have been developed and are now used in major retail brands. Genesis Biosciences has taken the best of these technologies and combined it with bacteria, which gives a dual approach on … Read More

Multiuse Liquid

Applications Municipal wastewater Industrial wastewater Trade effluents Organic rich effluents General asset performance improvement The technology Evogen Multiuse Liquid has been specially formulated to deliver a high concentration of Bacillus species that are designed to improve a range of wastewater issues through the process of bioaugmentation. How it works Evogen Multiuse Liquid is a blend … Read More

Biofilm Suppression Fluid

Applications Liquid recirculation systems Cooling towers Condensates Biofouling control Legionella control Air conditioning systems The technology Biosan BSF is a new addition to our antimicrobial Biosan technology offering. It is a concentrated liquid product developed for dosing into systems to suppress biofilm formation and provide operators and plant managers an effective means of controlling biofouling, … Read More