Bacillus probiotic cleansers reduce hospital surface biofilms – a collaborative study with University of Huddersfield

18th December 2023By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News

Genesis Biosciences recently collaborated with the University of Huddersfield on a study focusing on the effectiveness of Bacillus-based probiotic cleaners in mitigating dry biofilms that can be present on hospital surfaces. The challenge Surfaces in hospital and clinical settings can harbour microbial pathogens present in dry biofilms that contribute to the risk of infections and … Read More

Shaping the future: Our presentation at the XII International Conference for Household Industry

13th June 2023By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News, Press Release

We were delighted to recently demonstrate our expertise in probiotic cleaning at an international conference. Dr. Katarzyna (Kate) Ledwoch is a Senior Scientist here at Genesis Biosciences, and on the 6th of June, she attended the XII International Conference for Household Industry in Poland where she gave a presentation on exploring the features and benefits … Read More

Can you formulate probiotics with anything? FAQs with Peter Wallbank

15th September 2022By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News

Can you actually formulate probiotics with anything? What type of cleaning compositions are compatible with our range? Watch our latest video as Genesis Biosciences’ Peter Wallbank explains more!  The probiotics in our products are in the form of highly stable, quiescent Bacillus spores, which can withstand different chemico-physical factors, such as a range of … Read More

How long do probiotics survive? FAQs with Peter Wallbank

1st September 2022By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News

Since probiotics are living microorganisms, their cleaning effect depends on their lifespan – so how long do probiotics survive? Genesis Biosciences’ Peter Wallbank talks you through the process in our latest FAQ video.  Probiotics generally tend to survive very well once applied on a surface. When applied, the resilient Bacillus spores permeate the microscopic … Read More

How do Probiotics help? FAQs with Peter Wallbank

29th June 2022By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News

We often get asked how probiotics work. How do they clean? Is it as simple as saying that “they eat the dirt”? To answer those questions, Genesis Biosciences’ Peter Wallbank talks you through the process! In other words, they’re not ‘eating the dirt’ per se. As microorganisms, they survive and replicate by finding energy sources. … Read More

Is your cleaning product really eco-friendly?

24th August 2021By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News, Mythbusters

Do any of us really stop to question if our cleaning products are truly ‘green’, ‘probiotic’ or ‘eco-friendly’? With more and more commercial and household cleaning products making environmentally-responsible claims every day, it’s time to dig into the facts and ask manufacturers: ‘Is your cleaning product really eco-friendly?’. In this guide, we outline what makes a … Read More

Eco-benign®… what is it?

26th June 2019By Genesis BiosciencesLatest News

Eco-benign® is effective, efficient, and environmentally-responsible technologies. Here’s why if you care about the planet and your profits, you’re ready for eco-benign®. We create eco-benign® products for a broad range of bio-augmentation, waste degradation and cleaning applications because the traditional harsh chemicals used in these areas damage the environment. Simple as that. The protection of … Read More